Uber or Taxi?

                        Will I take a Taxi or an Uber?

The subject has become controversial since the day the app started working in Brazil.

Uber worked and marked its place on the asphalt of the main capitals of the country. Upset taxi drivers are still looking for arguments that prevent circulation, but there is no other way, the people approved and now the goal is for the professionals of both services to be convinced of the only truth: it is possible to work in harmony, without fights and with space for the general to work.

The Uber era
There is no denying that Uber has revolutionized the means of transportation in the city. What for many was unusual to take a taxi, now they use the app on their cell phone and in minutes they are with their private driver. That’s because the price (always him!) Is more accessible to the pockets of Brazilians.

Taxi drivers do not escape the fight
These direct competitors do complain. Taxi drivers claim that they are working extra hours to make up for expenses, that competition is unfair and that they are now forced to negotiate new rates and number of races. Others more pessimistic already prophesy the end of the taxi companies.

After all, which pays off more?
It depends on what you are looking for. Comfort, agility, best price, privacy, you don’t want to pay in cash, you want to pay in cash … Among other passenger’s preferences, everyone has the ideal car.

We put both services on the scale to help you with this assessment.

Using your smartphone connected to the internet, you access the Uber app, set the starting point, arrival point, can see the driver’s photo at the time and still have an estimate of how much the ride will cost. Then just register your credit card to make the payment (cash payment is not available to all users). Usually, you don’t wait much longer than 20 minutes for a car to arrive.

The app offers UberX (popular cars), Uber Pool (the one you share a race with other people) or UberBlack (more luxurious cars and even drivers in suits and ties, wow!).

About taxes: they are undoubtedly more affordable than taxis. There is no flag, a base fee is charged from the moment you get in the car and it is added to each kilometer of the route.

Important detail: when Uber cars are scarce in the square, the rates increase, that is, the fare gains a multiplier and the race is more expensive. But if you find it expensive, you can cancel your run and ask them to send you a notification when the fare drops.

It’s not just waving a little finger, no. Has an application, yes sir and you can pay with cash or card (not all of them sometimes).

Taxi drivers work with flags and that is where the deal gets. The race is more expensive in flag 2, which usually comes into effect on Sundays and municipal holidays, or from 8 pm to 6 am, Monday to Saturday.

According to the opinions of passengers, the white classic pays off on some occasions, such as emergency or heavy traffic, since the law allows the free bus lane for these cars.

What gets cheaper: Uber or Taxi ? Well, now you can have an idea and compare the values in one application. Uber started offering the “Taxi” mode so that passengers can order a city taxi instead of other car categories (UberX, Comfort, Black). For now, the new function is only available in the city of São Paulo (SP). Find out how to order a taxi through Uber.

How to order taxi via the Uber app
If you are in the city of São Paulo, open the Uber app;
Enter the destination address;
Select the “Taxi” mode;
Choose the type of taxi;
Touch Confirm.

But is different?
Yes! Especially in the capital of São Paulo, taxis can travel on bus lanes. This is an advantage at peak times, to avoid traffic jams or when the weather is tight.

Will taxi on Uber be more expensive?
It will be different from what is already charged in Uber modes. Whether it will be cheaper or expensive will depend on several factors. But the pricing of a taxi ride, even by Uber, follows the tariff table established by the city of São Paulo . Obviously, these values must change from city to city, as more regions are covered by the function.

Still, there is an estimate in the app, so that the user knows approximately what amount should be paid for the race.

Can I take any taxi?
It is not possible to go to a taxi stand and get in the car, suddenly. Drivers must be registered on the Uber platform, on the Uber Driver app , to be an accredited taxi driver at the company.

Therefore, the process, as explained in the walkthrough above, is exactly the same as ordering any other modality of Uber. Enter the address and wait at the location.

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