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Brazil  Bodyguard  Protection

Now we can attend you in Venezuela and Colombia! Please consult us.


Q : How many bodyguards will I need? 

A: The number of bodyguards required for your protection depends on the threat situation. In some cases one bodyguard is sufficient to safeguard the client from many troubles and threats of random nature, this is most often true in low threat/risk situations. However, in many cases a variety of factors will increase the threat/risk situation such as political turmoil, civil unrest, negative public image impressions, spikes in kidnapping or violent crime etc. In these cases it is recommended that clients hire additional protection accordingly. 

Q: I donĀ“t need an armed bodyguard. Just someone to help me, guide me and translate. Can you provide this?

A: Yes. We can provide an English speaking person to be just aknowledgeable facilitator, interpreter, guide and sometimes even your driver. To have a local to support you can make the difference. See what our clients say about this on Testimonial page or in Google review.

Q: I need Portuguese speaking protection specialists for my visit to Brazil. Can you do it?

A: Yes. English speaking bodyguard in Brazil are in short supply. But all of our staff speak English and Portuguese. This means that not only will your escort be  a trained bodyguard but he or she will also be your interpreter!

Q: I hear about night life in Sao Paulo. Can I have a bodyguard escort me at night?

A: Yes. We offer a free initial consultation, where we will explore your needs and the options available. We also have some exclusive options for you to enter the most exclusive nightclubs and bars as a VIP - without cost, and without waiting in line.

Q: I need Portuguese speaking protection specialist for my visit to some Brazil location. Can you do it?

A: Yes. In Brazil English speaking bodyguard is really unique, but our staff can. In fact, you needn't pay for interpreter.

 Q: Can you arrange or recommend transportation and lodging?

A: Absolutely, contact us for questions or requests.

Q: Can you organize only my transfer from airport to hotel?

A: Yes. 

 Q: How much do your services cost?

A: We offer both stand alone protective services as well as customized protective travel packages which may include transport, tours and other services. Please contact us for pricing. 

Q: What if I already have a bodyguard and just want some extra security.

A: This is not a problem, we are well accustomed to integrating into pre-existing protective details.


 Q: What do you mean by intelligence driven security?

A: Our protective philosophy is that foreknowledge of potential threats and risks is the one of the most import aspects of security. An example of this is our continuous training in and utilization of behavior pattern recognition techniques to identify and mitigate potential risks and threats before they become encumbering or dangerous. This philosophy serves us well in our mission: To keeping you, the client free to focus on the things most important to you while traveling in Brazil.






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