To say the bodyguard we were provided did a great job, would be an understatement. What a fantastic service we received. Our bodyguard Eddy was very experienced and a true professional. He always made us feel very secure and was extremely helpful in making sure we experienced São Paulo the way we intended. Which included going to some dangerous parts of the city.

Phillip Trevillion

About Brazil Bodyguard Protection

Brazil Bodyguard Protection, a leading concierge, transportation, and protection company, is ready to provide clients with the necessary arrangements for safe travels to Brazil.

The company specializes in providing travelers with a professional that can help them safely explore the country as well as assist in dealing with the locals.

The services provided by Brazil Bodyguard Protection are adaptable. There are three main types of services which include Close Protection, Concierge Services (interpreters, translators, booking hotels, cars, helicopters, etc.), and Transportation Services.

We are experienced in protecting high-profile individuals who lead hectic lives with busy schedules.

For these bodyguards, packed social calendars and last-minute changes are standard parts of the job. These bodyguards thrive in fast-paced environments continually thinking ahead to counter any problems.

With Close Protection, high profile clients such as businessmen and celebrities can hire bodyguard fluent in Englsih and Portuuguese. 

They can have a bodyguard who knows the city and will assist them in many ways.
As for Concierge and Transportation services, clients can frequently take advantage of a vehicle and bodyguard provided by the company to help them easily travel through Brazil.

They can head to their destination without problems and with the security of a professional bodyguard/driver.

Brazil Bodyguard Protection commits to ensuring each client will have safe, enjoyable visit while in the country.



Although they are called bodyguards, the team provided by Brazil Bodyguard Protection is much more than simple protectors.

They also serve as guides and helpers throughout the trip. The bodyguards that the company offers are those who know the city, country, customs and culture well.

Moreover, these bodyguards can speak the local language as well.
With their knowledge and ability to speak the language, exploration of Brazil becomes easier.

Besides these, their bodyguards are tasked to care for the needs of the clients, providing the guidance necessary for being in a foreign country.

The bodyguard’s job is not all about protecting the client from danger but one that comes in various aspects.
They consider each client’s needs and styles. They are incredibly versatile, so clients never have to worry when it comes to simple tasks such as driving, running errands, answering calls, and more.

All of these can also be part of the bodyguard’s job if it contributes to the convenience and comfort of the client throughout their Brazil trip.

We emailed Brazil Bodyguard Protection as we were coming from the USA and had a concern of safety. They immediately got back to me and offered their services. Not only did they provide their service but they helped with hotel and sight recommendations for us in Rio De Janeiro. They were beyond helpful. They picked up my friend and I and took us around for an entire day, we learned so much from them. They also did not let us out of their sight! I have to say that if you are going to book this service…use this company!! They are professional and reasonable.
Brooke Raser