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Brazil is a country of over 200,000,000 people. As today's security threats range from petty thieves to terrorist you requires a comprehensive personal protection plan that will protect you against a myriad of potential threats. Our Portuguese and English speaking professional bodyguards are among the highest trained and experienced in providing elite, intelligence driven bodyguard services in Brazil.


The high public recognition of celebrity clients often require a personal protection plan that will deter overzealous fans, stalkers, or others seeking to cause harm or embarrassment. When traveling overseas these risks are in many cases compounded by a lack of local, vetted security professionals to assist in supplementing the security team. At Brazil Bodyguard Protection you receive the benefit of local or U.S. bilingual professional bodyguards trained to U.S. and international standards. Whether you require high-profile police officer bodyguards of large stature to deter potential threats or low-profile in order to blend in we have the right solution for you.


In many cases our executive and dignitary clients traveling to Brazil require highly trained, low profile bodyguards to blend in to a corporate or business environment. This security posture is often adopted when the client does not wish to draw unnecessary attention to him or herself. Our English speaking professional bodyguards have U.S. military or Brazil law enforcement/military backgrounds and understand the difference between high profile and low profile protective assignments and will adapt accordingly to the environment you will be in while in Brazil.

 Brazil Bodyguard Protection deploys specialized, highly trained protection teams in support of our clients. These teams security protocol will be finely tuned to the client's desired level of visibility. CEO or senior executive, public figure or private citizen. We provide our clients a personal protection plan that will offer comprehensive security without intruding on the client's lifestyle.

Everything begins with a TVA (Threat and Vulnerability Assessment) of the client and a protective intelligence briefing of the current security situation in the places you will be visiting. We provide these valuable services complimentary. 

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According to the International Women’s Travel Center, Brazil is on of the 10 worst countries in the World for Women travelers. (Source). Home of ‘quicknapping’ where a tourist is kidnapped briefly for a stop to the ATM to get cash and then released. Another innovative crime technique is ‘motoboys’ who do armed robbery by speeding up on motorcycles, robbing at gunpoint and then fleeing quickly. Particularly worrisome are some of the hottest destinations for tourists, like big resorts, hotels, discos, etc. Tourists are specific targets in Brazil, particularly at night. Travel is particularly dangerous in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro even in heavily touristic  areas like Copacabana and Leme. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the police are increasing their presence in touristic areas since police assistance is still marginal. 

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